Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


Trusted Authority of KWM
via Roma 30
18031 Bajardo
provincia Imperia


Kingdom Values:

1. consequence
2. work in land
3. logic/rationalism
4. empathy
5. tollerance
6. loyalty
7. respect
8. courage
9. humility
10. dygnity
11. self-development
12. minimalism
13. sanity
14. dedication
15. savoir-vivre
16. foreign languages
17. rational faith

Norway is the highest and the biggest space in Glass Castle. It has gorgeous view of Puck Bay, Hel half island, Rewa, Rumia, Gdynia and Oslonino through its glass front and side facades. In stars night used as an observatory.
Italy is warm 3 pers. room due to its window facing the south. Has a glass wall which is already a front facade of the building.
Sweden belongs to variety of special rooms - it is a laundry adapted for a 2 pers. room at the time of Greece and France renovation. It is smallest room in Glass Castle without window facing the sea.
France is 2 pers. room with gorgeous Hel half island view through north glass facade. Apartament for lovers with gorgeous monolith bed made of steel :)
Greece is 2 pers. apartment with own bathroom and monolith steel bed, designed as a spa space. Obviously impressful Hel half island view through warm south-east facade. Currently under construction also (no bath) and used as an ordinary room.
Albania is an astonishing toilet, belongs to Greece apartment.
Great Britain is a studio on the ground floor of Glass Castle. Commonly used as a dining room and a social space with piano, fireplace. In case of big load used as a 4 pers. room economy standard due to lack of privacy. Has glass facade facing the sea with entrance into the garden.
Spain is a kitchen facility equipped with microwave, fridge and oven. There is also a dining place in it.
photo by Ada Lisewska
Portugal is a common bathroom (available for each GC guest).

Copyright © 2012 Wojciech Marchaj

17 reasons to join the kingdom

1. Meet original people
2. Get unique skills
3. Learn how to attract other people
4. Not pay for things you do not need
5. Not search for job anymore
6. Leave all fake in your life
7. Find a better place to live
8. Surround with positive things
9. Find an inner peace
10. Develop yourself
11. Find a new family that understands You
12. Can be truly yourself
13. Recover your full time
14. Keep fit and health
15. Feel happy with yourself
16. Get faith
17. Get sense of your life