Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


Trusted Authority of KWM
via Roma 30
18031 Bajardo
provincia Imperia


Kingdom Values:

1. consequence
2. work in land
3. logic/rationalism
4. empathy
5. tollerance
6. loyalty
7. respect
8. courage
9. humility
10. dygnity
11. self-development
12. minimalism
13. sanity
14. dedication
15. savoir-vivre
16. foreign languages
17. rational faith

Welcome All Fans of Kingdom of the Windy Seas!

A brief know-how to navigate in our structures virtual & real. At the begining individuals interested wirtually:

1) We have a plenty of facebook dedicated groups which you can join:
  • 'Pogawedki Sympatykow KWM' all default discussions & forum when you can share stuff, we do not moderate this grup, any content is allowed except for adverts and catastrophism/defetism
  • 'Ministerstwo Gospodarki i Transportu KWM' (ministry of economy & public transport) trade & our economy, carpooling for visitors of our embassy in Bajardo (AWB)
  • 'Komunikaty Ministerstwa Skarbu KWM' public info about our currency and financial self-defense
  • 'Loza Teoretykow Spiskowych KWM' conspiracy teories and all stuff that do not allowed in main group
  • 'Mam Wize KWM' visa holders (individuals have visited already our kingdom IN PERSON)
2) Types of our visas:
  • permit A (touristic - half year valid - multiple)
  • permit B (longterm stay with work)
  • permit C (citizenship)
3) Application for permit A requires:
  • photo
  • resume
  • time period & accomodation preferences
  • Your motivation to visit/join us (what is the deal)

4) Application for permit B requires declaration & fulfillment of our 5 core values:
  • consequence
  • work in land
  • logic/rationalism
  • empathy
  • tollerance

and respecting 5 others:
  • loyalty
  • respect
  • courage
  • humility
  • dygnity

in that meaning - to play with us in ONE TEAM not for particular profit and short term benefits. The following requirement is possesing own land (except for girls under 30 who can declare staying in principality and supporting it till marriage)

5) Applying for citizenship (permit C) requires fulfillment of ALL our 10 values mentioned above, having riding skills (horse or motorcycle) and not having external superiority (except divine - but not divine wife). Citizenship is only for warriors of our kingdom and their supporting them wifes. In case of women - the only way to get permit C is to marry a man with permit C. Permit C is granted only on special occasions - initiations and weddings. Permit C requires also respecting 7 royal values:
  • self-development
  • minimalism
  • sanity
  • dedication
  • savoir-vivre
  • foreign languages
  • rational faith

There is a balance in those rules - men have a challenge at the beginning by conquering the land, women later by conquering the men... This is a fully traditional behaviour all over our planet since millenials. We recover those old values.

Inherited laws: KWM do not allow divorces. Side which withdraw the marriage - left heritage to the spouse.

6) Applications need to be send with all official correspondence to official e-mail address in the left pannel.

7) individuals want only to settle down in Italy are not obligated to applying for visa. Business affairs whe support at the level of our embassy in Bajardo (AWB):

and with our allies. In case of booking living space in AWB please contact e-mail above. Facility has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, matching co-travellers is recommend on MGiT KWM

8) Our economy based on:
  • bio food
  • excursions & sightseeing on place
  • searching for properties to buy
  • accomodation
  • teaching languages
  • contacts & connections
  • airport transfers
  • contracts with our allies

We expect in exchange:
  • support in transport logistic (international)
  • work
  • promotion (especially international)
  • support for our allies from UA, DE, UK, IT, FR in variety of needs

Here you find snapshots from our daily life, harvests and also evidences from announcing our independency on G7 in Elmau on 8th of June 2015

Youtube. We have two channels, 'absolutarianin' with two fundamental films translated:
  • why worry
  • 'La bella vita, certamente!' (multilingual) and second "Ksiestwo Wichrowych Morz" technical, for promoting local life on social media.

10) Our story. Can be read by clicking on polish flag, few snapshots from our historical facility Szklany Zamek founded at the Baltic Sea (in Oslonino) remains our old-fahsioned website:

Ugh... have fun in recovered traditional reality!

Copyright © 2012 Wojciech Marchaj

17 reasons to join the kingdom

1. Meet original people
2. Get unique skills
3. Learn how to attract other people
4. Not pay for things you do not need
5. Not search for job anymore
6. Leave all fake in your life
7. Find a better place to live
8. Surround with positive things
9. Find an inner peace
10. Develop yourself
11. Find a new family that understands You
12. Can be truly yourself
13. Recover your full time
14. Keep fit and health
15. Feel happy with yourself
16. Get faith
17. Get sense of your life