Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


Trusted Authority of KWM
via Roma 30
18031 Bajardo
provincia Imperia


Kingdom Values:

1. consequence
2. work in land
3. logic/rationalism
4. empathy
5. tollerance
6. loyalty
7. respect
8. courage
9. humility
10. dygnity
11. self-development
12. minimalism
13. sanity
14. dedication
15. savoir-vivre
16. foreign languages
17. rational faith

Glass Castle is a dissipative idea historically founded in Oslonino, Poland at the bay of Puck. Further moved to souvereignity, specially designed for any age free mind people provided unique variety of facilities.

Our kingdom provides values rare in contemporary world full of trash and fake things, excellent books, knowledge, pure nature, respect for fundamental laws of human being, music, wonderful seaside & mountain views, mind training, getting unique skills.

We are very special society of souvereign people. To move around our places with no limitations one of three types of visa is required which can be obtained in one of our diplomatic facilities - AWB and AWW. Sounds interesting?... Would You like to join? Introduce yourself shortly, and tell us about Your motivation...

Core values of our kingdom:

  • consequence/discipline - nicht Wissenschaft allein, Geduld muss bei dem Werke sein!
  • rationalism - using logic and the simplest, smart solution for solving simple problems, rationalism as an approach in diving in the ocean of knowledge, knowledge is rational at this level, what can be approached rationally need to be done in that way!
  • work on land - taking value, food and energy direct from nature is the best way to grow, the fastest way accepted by natural forces
  • empathy - we are human beings, compassion is our nature we do not want to reject!
  • tollerance - we are tollerant that different points of view, especially those that cannot be verified rationally till now


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Copyright © 2012 Wojciech Marchaj

17 reasons to join the kingdom

1. Meet original people
2. Get unique skills
3. Learn how to attract other people
4. Not pay for things you do not need
5. Not search for job anymore
6. Leave all fake in your life
7. Find a better place to live
8. Surround with positive things
9. Find an inner peace
10. Develop yourself
11. Find a new family that understands You
12. Can be truly yourself
13. Recover your full time
14. Keep fit and health
15. Feel happy with yourself
16. Get faith
17. Get sense of your life