Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


currently moved to:
provincia Imperia


Glass Castle Calendar:

4 summer rest & garden works
5 creative arenas
6 innovative summer
7 adults rest
8 children rest
9 students' holidays
10 autumn melancholy
11 film, music, parties
12 travel stories, summaries
1 winter sports
2 carnival
3 meditation, literature, discussions

  • What the Glass Castle is?
    GC is a phenomenon, You cannot clasify it.

  • How to book a place?
    You cannot book something not bookable. We are a private property.

  • OK, so how can I join You?
    Send us a letter and convince us how cool or interesting You are. You can also take a risk and come spontaneously if You are self-confident enough... It is also well seen.

  • What in case I'm cool, but the house is full?
    No way our house is full. There is always enough space for cool person. In the worst case - garden or dungeons... But friendly people can always be close to each other. We always take care that everyone feels comfortable by us.

  • How the payment for stay look like?
    Payment requires GC own currency, so called ruryk [:ou:ick]. Ruryk is defined as a single one-person stay. Unofficially weigh circa 10 USD - 10 EUR. Payment in goods or castle works is also accepted.

  • I do not have this fuckin rourick... What to do?
    Just arrive w/o stress. We will take care of this on place.

  • Is it possible to get my own room?
    Everything is possible. We are gentlemen. Who ask - that gain. But be aware we also would like to be sure like You, that You come.

  • Does GC provide a board?
    Officially not, but You can help yourself when we are cooking. Participation in costs/effort is welcome.

  • What about quality standards in GC?
    Standard like in a castle ;) Steel, concrete, glass. No stars. Lots of space is not finished yet or finished only partially. One common bathroom on ground floor with hot water, wash-bowl, shower and toilet. Room are equipped with beds (sheets optional), attic - with mattresses. Kitchen with fridge, microwave oven and electrical oven. Heating central unit (coal), fireplace in saloon, cat into bed ;) Need a hotel standard? Find another place! We do not provide such facility, we build atmosphere for vagabonds. This place provide it for them in surrounding of pure nature, where you needn't count your change to stay one night more! Standard will increase in time, but we will not became a hotel for ideological reason - there are many of them and we will not compete commercially.

  • What kind of rooms are available?
    Forget about rooms with separate bathroom (except for exclusive apartment Greece ;). We provide two basic rooms: France (2-3 pers. room), Italy (3-5 pers. room) and open-space Norway (10-15 pers. in economic standard but with most beautiful see view ever). In case of full coverage also our saloon, United Kingdom, is used as a bedroom with this limitation when party takes place guests are expected not to require silence till the end. Additionally GC provides a variety of dedicated space like Sweden, Belgium which could also play as bedrooms, but in emergency only. We usually do not relocate checked-in guests, and this may take place only in extremely high coverage, and with their approval. In case of low coverage You can sleep wherever You want, but when new guests come You will be asked to return to Your home place.

  • Are children welcome in GC?
    We strongly discourage to come with children for security reasons. There is a 3 floor height round staircase in GC, and fall from it may be lethal. But if Your child can be left unattended, and behave among adults properly - why not?

  • What about facilities of GC? Are they toll or free? What is extra paid?
    Kitchen or domestic equipment is absolutely free, just return it untouched. If You are reliable person a car rental is also possible! Fueling is required.

  • How fast is the internet connection?
    1 hobbit, so 1 bit/h to send one sign per day You are still alive...

  • And GSM range?
    Exists, but it is difficult to make a phone call when You handy is in our protected shield.

  • You are kiddin'.. Seriously?
    Yes, indeed. Are You really here to surf on Your smartphone? Then You are wrong...

  • Is fireplace/grill allowed in GC?
    Sure. Fossil fuel, in case of individual use, shall also be organized individually.

  • Where is the nearest place to buy food?
    In surrounding of 1,5 km radius from GC two shops are available: in Oslonino and Mrzezino. Shops are opened to 9 p.m. Usually twice a day I visit one of them and carry a person goes shopping.

  • Where are the nearest gasoline stations?
    Poor... The nearest (LPG incl.) are:
    • OKTAN in Pierwoszyno 7 km (airport Kosakowo neighbourhood - Opener Festival location)
    • Reda Pucka Street 7 km (only LPG)
    • ORLEN in Puck 8 km
    • AUCHAN in CH Port Rumia 11 km
    In case of emergency there are also two industry stations, opened 8-16:
    • OL-TRANS mining area Mrzezino 1km (only diesel)
    • Fuel bunker Pierwoszyno 5km (no LPG)

  • What about public transport?
    I pick up people to railway station Mrzezino if possible. Groups can be carried on demand. Train departs each 2 hours (in high season hourly), as well as bus to Port Rumia from Oslonino village.

  • Any other opportunities during Opener Festival?
    Yes, at this special time I pick up guests with LR each day at noon to Kosakowo airport and return in the evening/night when concerts end. Participation in fuel costs required.

  • What about swimming and rest places?
    Beaches are not a strongest side of this side of Puck Bay, but after some mine activities water condition improved. 4 beaches are available:
    • beach along Beka National Park (500 m away) - small piece of sand with a string and bridge along cane. An old pier, currently ruined. Cormorant at home place.
    • three trees (1500 m away) nice, cosy beach 100 m long, old house ruins, lonely cross, clean water
    • beach in Oslonino village (2000 m away) relatively big sandy area, concrete pier, tourists, kitesurfing, boats..
    • old brickyard(2500 m away) - nice, cosy, beautiful beach with cliff. Pure nature, unfortunately low water class.

  • How does castle works work?
    This possibility is usually always available, volunteer choose something from the list. The most valuable works are construction, engineering (mechanical, electrical or IT rarely), but You need not to be an expert! Self-reliance, and goal oriented effort is appreciated. In non-qualified works are: cleaning, gardening, digging, carrying and so on. In case of exchange the most desirable goods are energy, food with long preservation time, and any other easily exchangeable articles.

  • Is a nocturnal silence in GC?
    Officially not, but if You start shouting at 5 a.m. when others are sleeping then those others can persuade You...

  • Do GC parties take place daily?
    No, but in the evenings usually we spend time together by sitting in our saloon.

  • I am local and reside nearby. If I visit You during the day, or join the party, but do not say for the night, will I be charged?
    No. It is enough You bring something to eat/drink with You for everybody. But does it make sense to return 20 km over the night instead of stay and help me a little in castle works next day? We do not drink so much... ;)

  • Is smoking allowed?
    Yes, building outside in dedicated places only. Smoking in windows is not allowed. E-smokers are allowed.

  • Is drinking alcohol allowed in GC?
    Yes, but the policy is:
    • do not force anybody to accompany You
    • do not drink to be drunk!
    • do not drink if You become aggressive, harmless or nasty!

  • Is GC open in winter?
    Yes, but winter is for experienced visitors due to hard weather conditions on Wind Hills. Anyway, winter attractions are unique: natural skating rink 2 km long!

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17 reasons to join the kingdom

1. Meet original people
2. Get unique skills
3. Learn how to attract other people
4. Not pay for things you do not need
5. Not search for job anymore
6. Leave all fake in your life
7. Find a better place to live
8. Surround with positive things
9. Find an inner peace
10. Develop yourself
11. Find a new family that understands You
12. Can be truly yourself
13. Recover your full time
14. Keep fit and health
15. Feel happy with yourself
16. Get faith
17. Get sense of your life