Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


currently moved to:
provincia Imperia


Glass Castle Calendar:

4 summer rest & garden works
5 creative arenas
6 innovative summer
7 adults rest
8 children rest
9 students' holidays
10 autumn melancholy
11 film, music, parties
12 travel stories, summaries
1 winter sports
2 carnival
3 meditation, literature, discussions

Application for Kingdom visa is simple, you write a letter with your photo to:

where you tell us about your motivation. Then you visit our embassy in Baiardo.

The easiest way to reach this place is a low cost flight from all over the Europe to Aeroporto il Caravaggio Orio al Serio/Bergamo (BGY), then train Milan Sanremo and at the end local bus Sanremo-Baiardo. Total cost about 50 euro.

Embassy role is to interview you according to your application and protect our citizens from unauthorized and not involved persons. If everything goes fine you will get a permission to reach our kingdom meet people and make a decision if you fit to this place. If your application will be refused you will spend wonderful time in Alps.
Accomodation in our embassy costs 60 euro for entire facility (in case you would like to join with somebody else) plus cleaning (owner is in Germany), but apply directly to us with notice 'Kingdom visa application". On this website you have a shared calendar and overview how this facility looks like.

What to write in the application? Whatever to convince us you are right here!!

Copyright © 2012 Wojciech Marchaj

17 reasons to join the kingdom

1. Meet original people
2. Get unique skills
3. Learn how to attract other people
4. Not pay for things you do not need
5. Not search for job anymore
6. Leave all fake in your life
7. Find a better place to live
8. Surround with positive things
9. Find an inner peace
10. Develop yourself
11. Find a new family that understands You
12. Can be truly yourself
13. Recover your full time
14. Keep fit and health
15. Feel happy with yourself
16. Get faith
17. Get sense of your life