Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


currently moved to:
provincia Imperia


Glass Castle Calendar:

4 summer rest & garden works
5 creative arenas
6 innovative summer
7 adults rest
8 children rest
9 students' holidays
10 autumn melancholy
11 film, music, parties
12 travel stories, summaries
1 winter sports
2 carnival
3 meditation, literature, discussions


additional tasks:
  • beeing receptionist occasionally
  • keeping order in workshop
  • small reparation and keeping windmill, trailer, LR running and tools in good condition
we expect:
  • self-organization
  • basic knowledge about mechanics and electrical current
  • car fixing skills
  • optimism
  • communication skills
  • foreign languages skills

we offer:
  • access to garage, workshop, warehouse
  • possibility of self employment (70% for You/30% for me)
  • accomodation
  • access to simple tools like welder (electric/gas), power press, winch, fork lift, screws i other junks.
  • access to 15 kW power supply
Land Lord/Lady:

  • welcoming guests and drinking a cup of tea with them
  • providing overall information about place and surroundings
  • guests accomodation, preparing rooms
  • providing goods
  • filling guests book
  • picking up from railway station
  • performing small reparation ocassionally
  • keeping clean and safe
we expect:
  • self-organization
  • optimism
  • communication skills
  • foreign languages skills
  • manual skills welcome
  • driver license and 4WD driving skills

we offer:
  • accomodation in single room
  • self employment with each visiting guest commision (20% for You/80% for me)
  • extraordinary people each day contact
  • Gdansk lift opportunity during a week
INOX welder

Purpose of the project is to produce using TIG welding technology a spider net (20 m2) made of inox cable.

we expect:
  • self-organization
  • manual skills
  • practical knowledge of TIG technology
  • own TIG welder
  • communication skills
  • abilitiy to work over the ground
    we offer:
    • access to garage, workshop, warehouse
    • accomodation facing the sea with elementary board for project duration (2-3 weeks)
    • access to simple tools like welder (electric/gas), power press, winch, fork lift, screws i other junks.
    • access to 15 kW power supply
  • Graffiti artist

    Project bases on covering chosen surfaces of Glass Castle with graffiti/paintings. Surfaces in case of floors and terraces are made of concrete covered with undercoat paint. Sizes of surfaces to let:
    • Russia terrace (lower garage) 49 m2 space & architectural elements
    • Greece terrace 15 m2 space & architectural elements, geological structures, optical illusions, together with Greece itself also industrial
    • entrance 8 m2 space & architectural elements, optical illusions
    • Germany (upper garage) entire or floor only 15 m2 industrial structures, optical illusions, other
    • other rooms floors to 200 m2 (in this case whole design or at least - project)
    First three items are outdoor surfaces, last three are heavy loaded. In this case technological consulting is required. Creativity is a chance to designing entire rooms sponsored by Glass Castle. Project is expected to be in harmony with surroundings and atmosphere of Glass Castle. That means gentle coexisting paintings with architecural elements like monolith edges, steel staircases, glass facades, holes and others. Provoking, astonishing, inspiring content will be appreciated.

    we expect:
    • responsibility and target oriented approach
    • manual/art skills
    • project of painting in any form

    we offer:
    • opportunity to be a part of unique project with variety of extraordinary people attendance
    • paints refundation
    • accomodation facing the sea with board during project
    • calm, nature, rest
    Diploma thesis with application from area of wind turbines steering:

    A person engagged to this project will have a task to build using Glass Castle workshop his own soft-start-cascade device to distribute a wind turbine load using heaters and accs. Details of this wind turbine is described here. This is a simple electric device, and this part of it will be build under GPL license. Time and scope of the project is to be defined.

    We expect:
    • electric current knowledge at the level of technical university (degree not mandatory)
    • self-organizaton
    • target oriented approach
    • manual skills
    • optimism
    • communication skills

    We offer:
    • accomodation facing the sea
    • wind mill with turbine available for the project
      • two masts 6 and 8 meters height with lifting system
      • two swind turbines 2,5 and 3,5 meter diameter
      • 3 phase low beam alternator with cables and electrical equippment
      • over tone of accumulators for testing
    • access to workshop
    • Gdansk lift opportunity during a week

    Copyright © 2012 Wojciech Marchaj

    17 reasons to join the kingdom

    1. Meet original people
    2. Get unique skills
    3. Learn how to attract other people
    4. Not pay for things you do not need
    5. Not search for job anymore
    6. Leave all fake in your life
    7. Find a better place to live
    8. Surround with positive things
    9. Find an inner peace
    10. Develop yourself
    11. Find a new family that understands You
    12. Can be truly yourself
    13. Recover your full time
    14. Keep fit and health
    15. Feel happy with yourself
    16. Get faith
    17. Get sense of your life