Glass Castle
Kingdom of the Windy Seas


currently moved to:
provincia Imperia


Glass Castle Calendar:

4 summer rest & garden works
5 creative arenas
6 innovative summer
7 adults rest
8 children rest
9 students' holidays
10 autumn melancholy
11 film, music, parties
12 travel stories, summaries
1 winter sports
2 carnival
3 meditation, literature, discussions

photos supported by:
Ewa Marchaj, Sonia Gwóźdź, Iga Pszczółkowska, Wojtek Rusinek, Mirek Gawin, Aleksander Kubiak, Kuba Janus, Wojciech Marchaj

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17 reasons to stay in Glass Castle, Oslonino:

1. Horizon view around
2. 14/17 windows facing the sea
3. Accomodation & board even if You are run out of money!
4. In GC You fix your broken car
5. GC is situated on unique part of Baltic coast You can observe sun over the sea
6. GC is visited by deers, foxes, rabbits, and even a pair of eagles!
7. GC has its own water TAXI!
8. From GC lights of 7 cities are visible: Rewa, Gdynia, Rumia, Mrzezino, Osłonino, Kuźnica, Jastarnia, Jurata and Hel
9. GC has october raspberries
10. 3 ship wrecks can be explored in the bay near GC
11. 2 kilometers wide skating rink is available near GC in winter
12. GC is a one-floor house, but has 4 levels
13. Only in GC field from one side, and sea from another!
14. GC facing 25 meter deep and 500 m wide sandpit
15. GC accepts exchange
16. GC faces longer coast line than entire Slovenia
17. GC is the highest point at the seaside from Rewa to Władysławowo